The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and…

This image was made before I knew what I was doing.  I have recently begun to realize that I was a much better photographer when my goal was to make pretty pictures with the aid of a camera and some black and white film.  I’d never read an MTF chart, didn’t know what what the big deal was about German glass.

I just got some film, introduced some light by way of a simple floor lamp, and made pictures. 

Here’s another one. 

This was made using my first complete medium format camera outfit, a Pentax 645 with a standard lens.  I didn’t know anything about exposure compensation at the time. Had I known, I’d never have gotten the image to look this way. So, here we go again with the Pentax. I remember an episode of Kung Fu (I think so, anyway) where it was said: “I seek to be a cup, empty of myself, to be filled with the oneness of the universe”. Decades later, I finally get it. 



One Response to “The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and…”

  1. jim Andracki Says:

    HI Frank good luck with your new endeavors! I like all the images! Especially the water and trees… Thanks jim

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