More Than a Thousand Words

It is amazing when one realizes the true profundity of the ability to communicate through pictures. This image illustrates how one might use a photograph to communicate in ways that actually transcend written and spoken words.

While roaming the university grounds one day,  I came across the subjects pictured above.  The gentleman apparently spoke not a word of English, and I but one word of Chinese. Fortunately, a simple greeting in Chinese and a gesture with the camera was all it took to obtain his permission to photograph this precious scene.  I nodded a “thank you”, he nodded an acknowledgement, and I resumed my journey to no place in particular.

As luck would have it, about a week later, I ran across this gentleman again.  We recognized each other, and with a few gestures, I somehow persuaded him to wait at the corner near the building in which he apparently lived,  while I ran to my car, which was parked about a block and a half away.  Upon returning, I presented him with a printed copy of this photograph.  The look of joy upon his face was worth immeasurably more than a thousand words.


One Response to “More Than a Thousand Words”

  1. Virtual Seagull Says:

    I was blown away by your blog. I happened to just stop by, and I wasnt sure what I would be getting. I made an innocent click, I pressed only once, why did it lead me to here, to this amazing demonstration of putting something good back into the world?

    Your photo, brilliant as it is, so much so that when you see what such a picture represents, what it means to feel such positive connection with the heart of another being, you cannot stop and wonder if we could develop as a species to feel that same deep love for not just your family, but your fellow human beings?


    Thats what it captures to me. Thank you.

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